What is the
Golden Visa ?

The Portugal Golden Visa program, also known as the residence permit for investment activity (ARI), is a residency by investment scheme designed for non-EU citizens.

Furthermore, the Portugal Golden Visa program provides the opportunity to become a permanent resident or a citizen in Portugal in only five years.

A program design for the perfect country.

Portugal offers a dreamy landscape with a wide coastline, a climate full of sunshine,hospitable people, and delicious cuisine. Better yet, it provides this high quality of life at a very affordable cost of living. These features make Portugal a very attractive destination for international investors to invest in and obtain the right to live, work, and study in the country.

A success from the ground up.

Portugal launched the program in October 2012. The main objective was to attract international capital into the country, as it was much in need after the 2008 economic crisis. The program proved to be a great success, raising €5,5 billion in a little over the first eight years.



What are the Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa?

Free travel
186 Countries

The applicants enjoy free travel within the European Schengen visa zone.

500K Minimum

The country offers a favorable tax regime to those who decide to relocate to Portugal.

3-6 months
to residency

Golden Visa applicants have the right to live and work in Portugal, but there is no requirement to do so.

5 years
to citizenship

After holding a Golden Visa for five years, the applicants can apply for citizenship or permanent residency in Portugal, leading to a passport.

7 days minimal

The Portuguese passport allows the owner to live, work, study anywhere within the European Union.

Step by Step

How to get your Portugal Golden Visa?

Our Portugal Golden Visa Option


Fund Subscription

Through a minimum of €500,000 subscription in a qualifying Portuguese fund you can become eligible to apply to the Portugal Golden Visa program.

Loumar offers introductions to these funds to both professional and non-professional investors, through partnerships with key and best-in-class equity funds based in Portugal,  

These funds are registered with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (“CMVM”) (https://www.cmvm.pt/en/Pages/homepage.aspx)

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Loumar is a boutique agency based in Monte Estoril specializing in real estate and luxury investments throughout Portugal with access to a privileged network of professionals and service providers.

Loumar attaches great importance to human relations, to the quality of those connections that we create but also through the administrative and fiscal service providers who support you during the process. Ensuring that you have confidence throughout the lifecycle of your investment while supported by a results driven and experienced team.

From the initial contact, we work over and beyond in finding you a property or an investment. We value the importance of mutual trust, clear communication and expert knowledge in Portuguese real estate investments.

Loumar works closely with many renowned and established partners in all areas of real estate and finance, who in turn provide our clients with access to privileged investments and unique projects.

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Who Is Eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal?

Any non-EU/EEA/Swiss national can apply for the Portugal Golden Visa.

You are required to be at least 18 years of age and hold a clean criminal record from your home country, as well as from Portugal. The funds for the investment should arrive from outside of Portugal.

Family Members
Under Portuguese family reunifcation legislation, you may extend the Portugal Golden Visa to the rest of your family members. A comprehensive list of eligible dependents is listed in the previous section.

American Applicants to the Portugal Golden Visa
US citizens are eligible to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Foreign-owned real estate has many advantages for United States tax residents, making the real estate investment option of the program especially interesting. American business owners may also choose to expand their businesses to Portugal, taking advantage of the Golden Visa program. This and others tax incentives in Portugal make it an attractive destination to relocate to.

UK Applicants to the Portugal Golden Visa

British citizens are eligible to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. In the face of Brexit, investors in the UK and around the world are re-evaluating their investment opportunities and access to the European Union markets, particularly in terms of their eligibility to openly travel into continental Europe. Since 2021, UK passport holders lost their right to work and reside as well as freedom of movement, in the Schengen Area as well. Many UK citizens consider immigrating to Portugal not only to enjoy a desirable and healthy lifestyle, as well as a pathway to attaining EU citizenship through investment.

As of January 1st, 2021, UK citizens became eligible to apply for Portugal’s Golden Visa program, thus providing them with the right to travel within the Schengen Area.